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In Retrospect: Antwone Dodson Error Over

28 Apr

Is it safe to say they never found “you”. Can my kids, and wives and husbands too come out from hiding. What was some serious threats became another Soulja Boy-est ride to 15 minutes of fame and CASH MONEY. In all seriousness it was too funny, with spinoffs, virals of virals, holloween costume drama and Iphone apps. is it safe to say it’s over. Are Antwone Dodson’s 15 minutes up. Can he and his now glorious hair live a “normal” life? I dont know I dont talk to him, but the LOL’s were priceless…


Looking back @ Good Hair

17 Mar

I wanted to write something about hip hop, trends, lifestyles and what have you. Then I said that’s way too serious, so do what you want. We wont look back and laugh now that i think about it. I know the first thing you did was SMH…er SYH…and then maybe did something with you mouth no matter what kind of race you are/ were/ iz. Allen’s face is epic though you must admit.  Most importantly i didn’t want to hate on Juan Internet Jones here on the right, due to the fact that whoever did his hair got some real skills. So if you see someone with hair like this today. Tell them “you’re hair looks nice mane/ or wo-mane.” Hopefully they wont talk your  ear off. See below for the direction I was headed with Looking back @ Good Hair.

cezlturkey cezlcrwzz

More Good Hair

juan internet jones made this cezl made this

Kim Kardashian trades new beau, for a new do (hairdo)

2 Mar

Yummy delicious Kim Kardashian famously know for, no not that, and um noo not that either. Yes, her curvy body, oh and long flowing black hair. Her hair has been seen with a blonde look. If she was notorious for changing hairs style like she does, say for instance, clothes, then here are some examples of the Rodman-est hair colors.

gif by cezl

gif by cezl