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I Can’t Speak For All Philadelphians: Speaking for Philadelphians

3 Mar

How to speak like a Philadelphian with out speaking for one 101.

This excerpt is taken from and OLD Phila Airport city guide. It’s funny kinda true and dated but if you’re frequent Philly you will surely get a chuckle or two.


How to Tawk Like a Naydiv Fluffyan

by Clark DeLeon (Columnist and bona fide native Philadelphian)

New in town? If this is your first visit, you may find this Philadelphian-to-English glossary helpful. Philadelphia is a city of proud and distinct neighborhood, and the people who grew up in these neighborhoods often speak in a proud  and unique manner. It’s more than an accent, it’s an attitude, or as we pronounce it, ‘addytood’. “This is the way we tawk in Fluffya, you goa a problem with that ?”

Here are certain words you can master on you taxi ride.

SKOOKILL – an expressway and a river.

SENDA CIDDY – where the expressway takes you.

WOODER – the liquid stuff flowing in the river.

GAZZ – the liquid stuff that keeps taxi cabs going.

KWAWFEE – the liquid stuff that keeps cab drivers going.

ACKROST – from hereto there. Your destination could be ackrost town.

WINDAS – the roll down glass things in the car.

PURDY – the view of the Senda Ciddy skyline out the windas.

BEEYOUDEEFUL – the view of the skyline at night.

PIXTURE – the view of the skyline that comes out of a camera.

LANNICK CIDDY – the place ackrost in Jersey where you can gamble.

DOWNASHORE – where Lannick Ciddy is.

SHTREETS – what cars drive on in Senda Ciddy.

PAYMENTS – what people walk on in Senda Ciddy.

FIFF – a numbered street located between Forf and Sixt.

YO – what Fluffyans shout to friends ackrost the street.

YO, HON – what Fluffyans shout to friends of the opposite sex.

YOUSE – second person singular.

YIZ – second person plural.

YIZZLE – a contraction, as in “YIZZLE have fun in Fluffya.”

WIDGES – a contraction, as in YIZZLE have even more fun if a Fluffyan goes widges to show you around town.

INNERESTIN – what many of the museums are.

LYBERRY – place where you can read upon other innerestin stuff.

BUDDER – stuff you spread on top of bread.

TAHMAYDAHS – slices that go on top of hoagies.

ACKAME – big store where you can buy budder and tahmaydahs.

NAYDIVS – people who grew up in Fluffya.

TELLUM – what you’ll do when you see friends, tellum about the way we tawk.


JAWN – Person place or thing. ” I got the jawn from the jawn from over the jawn.

NA MEAN – Do you understand

AKI – Friend, person, or stranger. Synonounmous with Yo

YO – Person

BULL / BAWL / BOOAL – Person usually a male Fluffyan

DER / DIR – There. “We going over der”

JOE – Dork, or person that is considered corney. “You are acting real Joe Booal”

Bye BOY – this conversation is over. (Can be taken seriously or in jest)

DRAWLIN – Bringing or drawing attention to a situation that is unnecessary or excessive. “Da young booal was drawling at the jawn na mean”

ERKING – Jerking someones nerves. “He acting real Joe yo, bull is down at the jawn erking.

YOUNG BULL / BAWL / BOOAL – A young person usually a teenager or under. College student

OLD HEAD – Some one that looks too old for college. Someone older than a teenager or younger.

BREAD – Money

KOP – King of Prussia (MALL)

THIRSTY – Person who requires a lot of attention or gives an incredible amount of attention to a person(s).

BOOSTING – Stealing, usually from a retail chain, usually in KOP..

MERKING – moving swiftly, speeding, traveling fast

LIKE – transtional term. “Young bull/ booal like was boosting and the cops like started erking and him and the old head started merking to the jawn”

YAN NA NA MEAN SKI – You know what i mean, do you understand. (Rarely used)

THE BOTTOM – Area outside/ inside West Philadelphia

SEPTA – Philly public transportation (this word is said alot)

TREE – Weed or Timberland boots (situational) 

how to speak like a philadelphian

I Can’t Speak For All Philadelphians: Dr. Strange

28 Feb

Dr. Stephen Strange was born in Philadelphia. It may be common knowledge to comic book readers,  but many people don’t know this.

More info on Dr. Strange here ...(here)


Other Super Heroes born in Philadelphia (Marvel Universe)

3-D Man (Delroy Garrett)

General Demetrius Lazer (Sentinal Program)

Deathlok (Michael Collins)

Betty Brant (Spiderman Universe)

Spirit of ’76 (WWII Hero with Captian America)

I Can’t Speak for All Philadelphians: $100 Cheese Steak

28 Feb

SO right. Philly is awesome. Lots of food places to go. Top notch eats and dive bar sliders. What happens when high class meats regular deguluar??

$ 100 Cheese Steaks happens !!!

Barclay Prime has a Wagyu ribeye & foie gras cheesesteak served with a ½ bottle of perrier-jouët grand brut at 100 smackers.

Number one…

This LOVELY dinner item is served at the well respected and delicious Barcley Prime in the Rittenhouse section of Philadelphia. High ceiling, average ambiance, food is well worth the high tags…and great service. (I’m not saying it is Capital Grill or Double Eagle Del Frisco’s but I am saying it’s worth stopping by there ON PAY DAY)

Number 2…

You get a half bottle of  Perrier Jouet Grand Brut. A whole bottle is 35 bucks and is most likely marked up in restaurants. So a half bottle is about, whut… $17.50. Not really impressed by this, but it is Champagne and will beat the Diet Coke you would have ordered.

Number 3…

It’s a one time experience. The flavor and quality of meat must be divine (the meat I had there was divine) and you are getting Foie Gras. Yes, Foie Gras and Wagyu which is like Kobe beef only better-ish.

They could be charging you more but it seems like a fair enough price. You can tell your friend “Hey, have you ever eaten a $100 cheese steak?”

I Cant Speak For All Philadelphians: Ben Franklin Bridge

7 Feb

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Ben Franklin Bridge . How is it held up? How do suspension bridges work? Why do I have to drive around the circle to go to New Jersey? What is that silver statue? Where does the Patco Train go before you see the station?

That silver monstrosity is a lighting bolt. It sit atop the circle to Jersey in what was suppose to be a depot of travel. Trolleys underground would take you to different parts of the city. A center and gathering place for travelers with food, rest stop and travel information.

The bridge was born on July 1, 1926, and is held up by two GIANT post and suspended by hundreds of thousands of cables that stretch across the length of the bridge and attached deep down to the bed rock of the Delaware River. All this constructed by real men with real pitch forks and strong backs.

A beautiful structure it is often over looked as an attraction but the Benjamin Franklin Bridge is one of the dopest attractions and it is not even being used to it’s full potential.

Listen as Dr Derrick H Pitts takes you on a journey to the potential of the Ben Franklin Bridge.

Ben Franklin Bridge – abandoned/never used trolley line (youtube)

Black History Month: Derrick Pitts

7 Feb

This post will do Dr. Derrick H. Pitts no Justice. The man has do so much that he is considered a real rocket scientist and officially calls himself a nerd. I was fortunate to meet this gentleman. He is an inspiration to Blacks, Philadelphians, and everyone that lives on Earth. People like Dr. Derrick Pitts are why a person like myself would celebrate Black History Month. He will be featured in my post to the Ben Franklin Bridge. You will get to see him in action.

Derrick H. Pitts

American astronomer. He is Chief Astronomer and Planetarium Director for the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has been named as one of the 50 most important African-Americans in research science. He is the president of the Philadelphia chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. He has made numerous television appearances, including shows such as The Colbert Report, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and Countdown with Keith Olbermann. He co-hosts a weekly radio discussion program called Skytalk on WHYY-FM Philadelphia.

I Cant Speak for All Philadelphians: Electric Factories History

18 Aug

Richmond Station (Port Richmond Station, Phila, PA)

One of three early power plants built by the Philadelphia Electric Power Company in the early 20th century. It once housed the world’s largest Westinghouse turbo-generator, and its Neoclassical architecture was meant to symbolize that the city had entered an age of electricity. The plant closed in 1985, but its most recent claim to fame was serving as the prison site in the Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis movie Twelve Monkeys. (AND TRANSFORMERS the movie).  It was denied historical designation by the Philadelphia Historical Commission, against the recommendation of its own staff and the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia



Electric Factory Concert$

7th and Willow fool….

The Electric Factory is a concert venue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania run by the legendary Larry Magid.

The original “Electric Factory” venue was a converted tire warehouse at 22nd and Arch Streets, which opened in 1968. The first performers, on February 2, 1968, were the Chambers Brothers. The building closed in 1973, and was eventually torn down and replaced with condominiums.

Electric Factory Concerts began as a concert promotions firm owned by Larry Magid (never heard of him, legendary though??…he brought many concert to Philly. Philly get more people on the map and people come here to perform like Lady Gaga, Nas, Damion Marley, M.I.A, etc…that kinda legendary for a lil ole venue). It went on to become the DOMINANT concert promoter in Philadelphia. (Philly has stadiums and concert hall and venues galore…dominant is the EF)

The “Electric Factory” was resurrected circa late 1994 or early 1995  in a place which is an actual converted electric factory.

The standing-room-only capacity is approximately 2,500 to 3,000 people, including the second-floor area which overlooks the stage from stage left (if you are standing on stage looking towards the crowd and look left). Spectators in this area often have the bonus of being able to view a portion of the backstage.


PECO is an energy company founded in 1881 and incorporated in 1929. It became part of Exelon Corporation in 2000 when it merged with Unicom.

The PECO Building is notable for its electronic display, which displays the time, temperature, news, and a variety of other community messages in amber-colored scrolling text around the top of the building. At midnight on January 1, 2009 the lights were shut down and replaced with a more energy efficient and more colorful LED-based system which went live on July 4, 2009.

I Cant Speak for All Philadelphians: Amtrak Building (Cira Centre)

18 Aug


The Cira Centre is a 29-story, 437-foot (133 m) office high-rise in the University City district of West Philadelphia. Developed by Brandywine Realty Trust, designed by César Pelli, the Cira Centre sits across the street from Amtrak’s 30th Street Station. The skyscraper was built on a platform over rail tracks in an area that had seen numerous development plans that had never produced anything.

At 731,852 square feet (68,000 m2), the Cira Centre is a silver glass curtain wall skyscraper. Designed to be seen from all sides, the removal of the building’s northwest and southeast corners gives the skyscraper a different shape when viewing it from different locations.

The building include retail and restaurant space, a conference room, a 9-story parking garage and a pedestrian bridge that links the Cira Centre’s lobby with 30th Street Station. The building features lighting designed by Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design. Creating a wall of LEDs on most of the Cira Centre’s facade, the LEDs are able to change color to create different patterns and effects.

The site of the Cira Centre used to be a parking deck that sat over rail tracks across Arch Street from 30th Street Station in West Philadelphia,  Plans to develop the rail yards north and northwest of 30th Street Station had been around for decades. Proposed ideas for the rail yards included:

* A new city hall

*a sports stadium in the 1960s

*In 1970 Philadelphia considered holding a bicentennial exposition

*Also considered was the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

* In 1985 an office, hotel and shopping complex

*In 1992 an idea for a stadium was again proposed 

On May 8, 2002, Brandywine Realty Trust announced its intentions to build a glass office skyscraper next to the 30th Street Station called the Cira Centre. The plan to develop the land around 30th Street Station was part of a nationwide effort by Amtrak, which owns the land and the train station, to earn revenue from its real estate holdings.

The Cira Centre opened on October 31, 2005 with 93 percent of the building leased. On August 31, 2007, the University of Pennsylvania and Brandywine Realty Trust announced its plans to build Cira Centre South. Located south of 30th Street Station and the Cira Centre, the new project is designed by the same architecture firm as the Cira Centre. Cira Centre South will include a 40 – 50-story office tower and a 25 – 30-story residential tower. The project also includes a parking garage and conversion of the U.S. Postal Service building on 30th and Market Streets into offices for the Internal Revenue Service. The parking garage and Post Office conversion is planned to be completed in 2010 and the two towers in 2012

The lighting design was done by Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design. Cira Centre’s architects did not want any light fixtures protruding from the building so Cline Bettridge Bernstein decided to create a wall of light using LEDs. The 26W RGB LED fixtures are hidden in shadow boxes behind the glass curtain wall and are obscured during the day by the building’s reflective glass. The LED lights are able to be changed color to create different patterns and effects on the building’s facade. Designs used on the building include a large “P” for the Philadelphia Phillies. White 0.12W LEDs lights are also used in the lobby and building’s elevators. In the lobby the white LEDs are mounted on the 50 feet (15 m) tall wall that separates the lobby from the neighboring parking garage.