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Vices That Keep You Poor

28 Feb

Vice – an immoral or evil habit or practice. Synonyms: fault, failing, foible, weakness.

When I say Vice i mean a weakness that keeps you poor/ out of your means.

The List of Vices I See Daily

1 – Harley Davidson Truck and Bike Combo (any truck and bike combo)

2 – Playstation/ Xbox online upgrades (Buying mods for games after purchasing the game. Thats $60 for the game PLUS $10 – $60 in mods every time and update comes out)

3 – Iphone/ Ipad accessories. (Each time a new accessory comes out it’s a hit to the wallet)

4 – Weed and Guns. (More guns, more weed. The end)

5 – Beer and liquor. (Cups,  food, chips to accompany you buying a 6 pack or a bottle and only getting one-fourth of what you paid full price for cause your friends never pay you back)

6 – Church and State. (Give us your money. If you don’t know how to successfully get it back in taxes then it’s a black hole)

These are the major offenders at this time. Cars and parts, as well as shoes and bags are contributes. Learn how to these money hungry vices out or learn new ways to get your money back from them.