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The Best for Random? -ish TL22D

8 Oct

shout out to strange beever

This is the best stuff from the last 22 days…again with video





wtf Girl Lamborghini


Jim Jefferies


Office prank gone wrong!


Car hits a Deer


(:40 sec mark)

Pacific Sun Cruise Ship In Heavy Seas



Bad day at work store funny


Mondaze Muzix ♫ ♪ ♫: Metallica – Saint Anger and Sweet Amber

10 May


The  underrated album. Metallica St. Anger. I love this album. It was different and still is – than most stuff you will hear from this group or any group ever (that I’ve heard). If you are MAD. Then St. Anger is what you need to listen to. You will be calmed or engulfed in your fury. There are tones of broken relationships and daily frustration in every power chord. Give it a shot, shot it again, you’re not done yet, shot it again… Give St Anger a shot. You will either instantly hate it or love it. 

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Are you mad? Then Listen !!

Can Black People have anything?

15 Apr

I have noted that this could have been a product made by black people for black people but then I watched Undercover Brother…I no longer have that thought. Novel idea, however i more excited I did not see this in stores. This is not what I think about (yes it is dated, i know) when I go to work. To me this is more of a step back. Not the intial meaning, but this icy pop pop thing thing…I wonder if that’s watermelon flavored…do you?


What did the 5 fingers….(DIME PIECE )

24 Mar


*Disclaimer – People have asked for a Love Dr. type spot…well lemme crawl first. BTW this theory is credited to a good friend of mine and it’s a fail safe on rating your partner (s) up against each other or just for spit bubbles and giggles.

Most people say they want A DIME. (A dime in this instance is a woman/ or man that is rated 10 out of 10 on your personal scale of what you want in a partner, f/b, wife, best friend, girlfriend, shawty…all that.  Some people have a girlfriend wife person who they swear up and down in the best thing since sliced bread. Person….that’s your opinion. In reality world they are NOT A DIME. Dont be fooled, they may look like a dime, but they are not a DIME. I personally don’t like celebrities but for a world wide effect I must say I have to use them to show you HOW TO RATE A DIME.

Firstly, i guarantee you that you are not with a DIME but probrably at one time you might have been in contact with one…male or female. Trust me I am a master of finding faults in people. One of my friends went as far as saying ‘the right partner is like a Dragon Ball….there are only 7, and you don’t know where they are…ever”. You think…oh…Angelina Jolie, Maurice Chestnut, Brad Pitt, Sanaa Lathan, Scarlett Johansson, Nicki Minaj, Joanna Krupa, George Clooney are dimes….respectively. I mean Hoops is a DIME right? Just like Stacy Dash? Right?…wrong…that chick from high school might be a DIME compared to these people. That guy you saw at Subway with the 5 $ foot long. No contest right. Notice I haven’t said Rihanna or Kanye West…this is subject to opinion of course but I want you to get an idea that the system will create a REAL CHART ON HOW TO RATE A DIME  (Yes i’m doing basic black and white and not the Natalia Inoue, Aishwarya Rai, Pilar Sanders Dime type women) When you look at the system then the likes of Jimmie Rollins wife,  Barack Obama, Beyonce Knowles, Johnie Depp, Janet Jackson, Gisele Bundchen and a couple people from your college or high school or bus route may come to mind.

Ok let me begin. You have 2 hands. Each represents a 5. Five points. Five plus Five equals 10. One hand literally you will count (cause we are being serious here…if you want a dime you are NOT just gonna bang them and leave them for a four or a two…a dime is top shelf  who you WANT 4 life (or something like that) and not someone else’s trophy…right? ).

Ok….ONE ONE HAND…you will count intelligence, conversation, fun, staying power, reliability, worth, net worth, passion, fortitude, nurturing, parenting, confidence and ethics. . Got That. (Some people might wanna add, a lil hood, a lil crazy, a lil macho) I’m not F-ing around. That is on ONE hand. ONE. ONE HAND only…Rate that…rate your woman, man, girl, lover, person if you want on all those characteristics…but sir or madaam…use one hand !!!!

ON THE OTHER HAND ! You will now count looks. Pretty-ness, handsome-ness, ass, boobs, pecs, abs, or whatever you like. It does not have to be abs, some people like them a lil chuncky, some like them slim, some muscular. This hand is strickly for what you like personally like…looks wise. Color, hair length, eyes, lips, height, all the superficial selfish things….that you like, not what your neighbor likes.

That’s it. Add it up.

Five on one hand, five on the other. We spoke about some people earlier. Angelina Jolie, Maurice Chestnut, Brad Pitt, Sanaa Lathan, Nicki Minaj, Joanna Krupa, George Clooney. Are you gonna give them a total FIVE on LOOKS.  Then ALL Five on characteristics ? You might. Brad Pitt and Sanaa Lathan might move up in your life somewhere right about now. On the other hand, ? can they hang with Barack Obama, Beyonce Knowles, Johnie Depp, Janet Jackson or that girl on your bus route/ guy at Subway?. If they can…then you got yourself A DIME.

Personally, Nicki Minaj is like an 8, Beyonce is a 9-10, Scarlett Johansson is like a 7, Angelina is like a 8-9. Nicki is fun and looks good but not a dime, Beyonce has a lot going on the dime radar (although I personally dont like her, I have to rate farely. I’m not gonna take Oprah over Beyonce) Angelina is doing her thing but she’s not a DIME, she takes hits on looks and personality (yes i dont know her but even when she was the bomb 5 years ago how much fun could she be nowadays). Scarlett Johansson, takes hits on looks though her body is crazy, and shelooks like a lot of fun with personality…but so does Stacey Dash and Kim Kardashian…

you know you dead ass wrong dot com Dirty Mo

“If her mama is a Quarter, Daughter must be a dime”….There are no Quarters…that’s worst than Dragon Ball finding

Money, cash,  $