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Question? Difference between Soft Pack VS Hard Pack

28 Feb

YO, here is another question i can’t answer…someone help

**Couldn’t answer this**

What’s the difference between a ‘Soft Pack’ and a ‘Hard Pack’ of cigarettes???

Hard Pack

A hard pack is the usual style of paperboard packaging for store bought cigarettes, which consists of a relatively stable box. This successfully prevents the crumpling of cigarettes when kept in a person’s pocket or handbag. The flip-top hard pack cigarette case was introduced in 1955 by Philip Morris

Soft Pack

A soft pack is a box packaging made of thin paper, usually containing 20 cigarettes. Soft packs may be considered inconvenient as they rupture easily and cannot be resealed. They offer the immediate convenience of not having to open the package each time the smoker wants a cigarette. They require less physical ‘pocket space’ when fewer cigarettes remain in the pack. With American brands, cigarettes from a soft pack are usually a few millimeters longer than their hard-boxed counterparts.

If you go on Yahoo answers there are a ton of arguments !!!! This answer seemed the best out of everything…

Their is no difference, one is a lil bit longer, the hard pack dont bust up your smokes…the end…UNLESS YOU KNOW DIFFERENT THEN PLEASE COMMENT !!!


New Cigarettes: Faster results proven

3 May

The new marketed cigarettes now pack a new punch of full flavor. The result are to die for. Cool new packaging and ingredients that will take  years off your life. BUY NOW !! BRING MONEY !!


Smmmoking…The anti-live: Thank you for not Smoking

18 Apr

I am gonna sit hear and talk to you about why smoking is bad, cause you already know.

I already know you can die from anything at any moment, but you wont catch me ice skating on thin ice with polar bears over a shark tank in Equator after 6 flights of Tequila.  A little extreme. Absolutely. Smoke your life away, i’ll never meet you. See if I care. I know I sound like a christian on a Holy high so here are some ‘smoking related items for all my smokers out there.

Cancer Boy…is your mommy a doctor

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Bath Salt named new Crack Cocaine

10 Mar

All I had to hear was bath salt was the new cocaine. Not only that, it is more readily available, cheaper, and could be more lethal than cocaine. In the words of Crack – They’ll come back quick if a person OD’s, cash rules everything around me”. Real rap though, drugs are bad and final days seem to be on us.  Check out the details from Business Week on the new miracle-ous drug

>>>>> businessweek.com…yes business…big business…

“According to Mark Ryan, director of the Louisiana Poison Center, in the first month of 2011, there have already been 248 bath salts-linked calls nationwide from at least 25 states, compared to 234 calls during the whole of 2010.

The $20 packets are available in corner stores, truck stops and on the Internet, and marketed as bath salts or sometimes plant food and come with the (often-ignored) disclaimer, “not for human consumption.” They’re not subject to regulation even though they contain various potent chemicals, including mephedrone, which is a stimulant……The “salts” come with gentle-sounding names like Ivory Wave and Vanilla Sky and are typically snorted, smoked, injected and even mixed with water as a beverage…..”The psychosis is impressive,” he said.”

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Cough up a lung where ya from? (The Game)

3 Mar

Yea. You can throw up, what ever you eat, leave the bathroom, with a nose bleed, have celebrity dope, and Hennessay streams, or you can just smoooooo…ooooohhh. ooooh..smoooke. smoke

gif by cezl

gif by cezl, concept from the internets

If I told you once….(about smoking)

28 Feb

Smoking has been found to be a leading cause of death….who knew?

no smoke and thats no smoke....joke

Your feet smell like ASH

23 Feb

Oh, so you’re a fan of smoking…sssssssmoking…cough cough. Christmas!!