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Pause for Batman: Aug 2014 Plus DC Comics

19 Aug

200+ Pictures of Batman aka the Dark Knight plus some DC stuff including Harley Quinn, Joker, Superman and more.

ALL  DC Media basically…

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Pause for Batman: Superman the illegal alien…

17 Dec

There should have been many comics that portray Superman as a menace and not so much of boyscout. Spider-man and Batman, Rorschach, Punisher were all labeled under anti hero. One of the best comics to show the extent of Superman were ‘Red Sun’ and ‘Hyperion’. The alien factor was always more interesting as an ass than as a guardian angel (to me).

The more EXISTENTIAL he became the more your brain turned from mush to wheels turning. Most people want to see him landscaping and hoping over fences and deported rather than occupying America…but they don’t want him to go to another country and save the day…but he’s and outcast and an outrage. I am one of those most people…

Krypton scum…

American hero

Russian tyrant

True Alien (existential) more please

Pause for Superman

24 Jun

I hit the sky like Clark Kent

I hit disguise like Clark Kent

thank you Juan Internet Jones


Tsunami: Done by bad Cats

14 Mar

Already I am seeing “click here to help Japan” buttons and pop ups. I’m about sick of it. Japan, yes, they need help, but i’m sure Japan has money, cash money to help themselves. Plus, I haven’t been, but from what it seems, people in that part of the world stick together almost as much as the people bordered by the Mediterranean sea and sea of Galilea / Dead Sea. Yes I would help, I’m not against helping.

Fact of the matter is that Japan needs Superman, Captain Planet and the likes of the Power Rangers (No Pokimen, or Sailor Moons) real legit none cartoon like help. I’m waiting to see if USA goes over board like we did in Haiti, but i’m sure Haiti still needs help. Back to my original point. People will do anything for money. Clicking the links will probably make some smart guy in Seatle rich for coming up with a convincing pop up / website to get money for Japan tsunami efforts. Which if has half a conscience since he had half a brain he WILL donate a whole 1 % to a real site (I hope it’s another site like his) and write it off on his taxes. Wanna help.

Do your research. I’m guessing Japan needs pails, boats, a big fan, a couple thousand pumps, Jesus, the white tiger Zord and the Avengers right about now. Good luck to them and their families in the media storm that shows us the terror present in that nation.


When you see it just think of the mouse/ squirell as Japan