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Sports: Get Motivated….You disgusting fatty fat fat

19 Aug

Don’t go alone, take this with you. Get up, get out and do something. The worst exercise is the one you don’t do you fat bit….

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Wait? Lost? Raven and Aretha?

28 Apr

These two women lost weight. I didnt save you the trouble, but this may be something to Google. They talking about they been eating right…I want to say these pictures are photo chopped. Raven was big as Missy and is now skinny like Lauren London. Aretha looking healthy and not her usual HEALTHY self. Miracles pee po….maricals….

Not the Raven you remember

Aretha Who?

Tuesday Mealz: Weight Training (Epic Meal Time)

15 Mar

You will probably die after eating this or instantly lose weight due to protien overdose. You need friends, lots of them to put down the food these/ this guy creates. Either way, Epic meal time is the new Tuesday feature. This is just a bonus cause it’s so ridiculous. This makes you want to work out just so you can eat the food prepared. If you haven’t been to the site yet, don’t worry, Tuesday Epic Meal Time will be featured here on with Cezl. It’s Meal Time comma Epic.