Racism: It’s not FUNNY sometimes….

20 Aug


So using the search bar up above you can see my views on racism by searching racism in the search bar…

I believe wordpress does not condone the type of language and inclinations used in said blog however there are blurred lines.

Racism affect/ effects all races, there is no divide and there should be no divide as we are all are human beings…we are all white on the inside (bones) and were all black at one point (let there be light) and yellow and red and purple and orange and blue. Science says soon there will be a dominant color made up of generations of mixed babies, maybe then people will stop with the race issue.

…on another serious note, racism isn’t funny, and is a serious pandemic. With that also being said here are 100 plus topically racism base pictures (funny and serious)

The N word is used, the C word is used, the H word is used, all the words are used except the G, Z, Y, X, I and U words.

Click Below NOT FOR WORK …strong language !!



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