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Why California Forest Fires Happen

28 Jul

First lets start with this.

Smokey the Bear is still out there working. Accidents happen in the forest. Sometimes they turn into wild fires.

There are specific events that cause wild fires like the famous ones in California. They are:

  • Arson
  • Campfires
  • Discarding lit cigarettes
  • Improperly burning debris
  • Playing with matches
  • Fireworks
  • Prescribed fires

But what is a “prescribed fire” ?

As one of the most important natural agents of change, fire plays a vital role in maintaining certain ecosystems. Prescribed fire reintroduces the beneficial effects of fire into an ecosystem, producing the kinds of vegetation and landscapes we want, and reducing the hazard of catastrophic wildfire caused by excessive fuel buildup.

Prescribed Fire, also known as a controlled burn, refers to the controlled application of fire by a team of fire experts under specified weather conditions that help restore health to fire-adapted environments. By safely reducing excessive amounts of brush, shrubs, and trees, encouraging the new growth of native vegetation, and maintaining the many plant and animal species whose habitats depend on periodic fire, prescribed burning helps reduce the catastrophic damage of wildfire on our lands and surrounding communities.

Prescribed fire is one of the most effective tools we have in preventing the outbreak and spread of wildfires. But because prescribed fire is fire, fire management experts are extremely careful in planning and executing a prescribed fire.

-Smokey the Bear

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RIP Sherman Hemsley

28 Jul

Sherman Hemsley who played George Jefferson on “The Jeffersons” and “All in the Family” , and roles in “Amen” has died at the age of 74.

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House of Payne (TV series)

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 1997 Casper: A Spirited Beginning (video)
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1994-1995 Family Matters (TV series)
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1994 Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (TV series) 1991-1994 Dinosaurs (TV series)
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 1994 Home of Angels
1993 Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper (TV series)
1993 Townsend Television (TV series)
1993 Mr. Nanny
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1991 What a Dummy (TV series)
1986-1991 Amen (TV series)
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1988 227 (TV series)
1987 Ghost Fever
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1986 Stewardess School
1985 The Twilight Zone (TV series)
1985 Alice in Wonderland (TV movie)
1975-1985 The Jeffersons (TV series)
1984 E/R (TV series)
1977-1983 The Love Boat (TV series)
1981-1982 Fantasy Island (TV series)
1981 Purlie (TV movie)
1979 Love at First Bite
1979 The Incredible Hulk (TV series)
1973-1978 All in the Family (TV series)

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Science: Clams and how they work

28 Jul

Guest Site: Animal Planet

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Clam, the popular name for a number of two-shelled mollusks related to the scallops and oysters. Clams are found in the coastal waters of the sea and in shallow freshwater lakes and streams. Many clams are edible, and “clambake” picnics are popular along the Atlantic coast of the United States and Canada. Clams are also used as fish bait, and their shells can be made into buttons. The shells were also sometimes used by American Indians to make wampum.

The two shells of the clam are fastened together at the back by an elastic hingelike ligament. Two heavy muscles open and close the shells. The clam has no head, no biting mouth parts, and no arms or legs. It does have a heart and blood vessels. Those clams that move do so by means of a “foot,” a fleshy, muscular organ that can be projected from between the shells.

Enclosed within the shells is the clam’s soft, narrow body. The space between the main body and the mantle, or lining, of the shells is called the mantle cavity. Within this cavity, on each side of the foot, are gills consisting of double pairs of sheetlike folds that contain microscopic pores. The gills are covered with cilia —tiny hairlike organs that wave rhythmically to and fro. The gills remove oxygen and food particles from the water.

The mantle is thickened at the back to form two tubes called siphons. In order to feed and breathe, the clam sticks the ends of its siphons out between the shells. Microscopic bits of food are drawn in one siphon by a moving current of water stirred up by the cilia. The food is strained out and passed along to the digestive system; the water is forced out through the other siphon.

The hard-shell, or little-neck, clam is often called the quahog—the name given it by the Narraganset Indians. It is most commonly found along the Atlantic coast from Cape Cod to the Gulf of Mexico. Its shell is about five inches (13 cm) long. Young clams of this species are called “cherry-stones.”

The soft-shell clam is also known as the long clam and as the long-necked clam. It is found in mud flats of the Atlantic coast northward from South Carolina to Greenland. It also is found on the British coast and in San Francisco Bay on the Pacific. The shell of this clam is about four inches (10 cm) long and rather smooth and thin. The soft-shell clam digs a permanent burrow in which it remains for life unless disturbed. As it grows the clam enlarges and deepens its burrow. When the tide is in, this clam’s long “neck” (actually its siphons) is thrust up to the opening of the burrow for feeding. When the tide goes out, the clam withdraws its “neck” and closes its shell until the tide comes in again.

Among the marine clams of the Pacific coast are the geoduck, the butter clam, and the razor clam. The giant clam is found on coral reefs of the Indian and Pacific oceans. The two valves of its shell may weigh as much as 250 pounds (115 kg) each. The clam is edible.

Several types of edible freshwater clams are common in ponds and streams of the central United States.

How Does a Clam Eat?

Each clam has two siphons (SY fuhnz). These are round openings in the clam’s mantle cavity where water comes in and goes out. The water contains bits of food that the clam gathers and then eats.

Here is how the process works. The water enters the clam’s body through one siphon. From there it flows into the clam’s gills. The gills capture oxygen from the water, but they also trap food. In the clam’s gills are tiny hairs called cilia (SIHL ee uh). The cilia catch the particles of food drifting in the water and bring it to the clam’s mouth. The water then flows out of the clam through the other siphon.

A clam doesn’t have to work very hard for its meals. Its main food is plankton, which is a mass of very small water organisms. Water currents carry plankton right to the clam.

Clams belong to the class Pelecypoda (also called Bivalvia). The hard-shell clam is Mercenaria mercenaria. The soft-shell clam is Mya arenaria. The geoduck is Panope generosa. The butter clam is Saxidomus giganteus. The razor clam is Siliqua patula. The giant clam is Tridacna gigas. Freshwater clams of the United States belong to the families Unionidae and Sphaeriidae.


Quahog Clams

Love: Are you seeing someone ?

28 Jul

You mean with my eyes ?!?

Here how the internets explains the meaning of are you seeing someone ?

_________________________________________ 1

While dating might mean anything from a first meeting to being exclusive (your girlfriend/boyfriend) it is usually meant as the beginning of the process. Seeing someone, as in “I’ve been seeing someone for a while now” could cover the same ground, but usually means the end of the process, as in boyfriend/girlfriend, or you would like them to be.

Hence the phrase “Are you seeing someone?” doesn’t usually mean have you been on a date, but means someone you have been on several dates with and perhaps might be getting serious about.

– DentedKnight

_______________________________________ 2

Heres my two cents and please don’t ask for change

Dating: I would consider seeing someone the first 3 to 5 times as dating. This usually allows both parties involved time to find out if there’s chemistry, compatibly, etc.. For those of you who have already knocked boots in the first 3 dates please move on to seeing someone. Of course, that is contingent if you’re still calling

Seeing Someone: Phase 2. After dating a few times the two parties involved are obvioulsy enamored with each other and continue to go out but may have not yet decided to see each other exclusively. This may be the phase where going at it like rabbits describes a lot of relationships. Now if you make it through this phase then Captain Kirk may ask Scotty for warp drive and before you know it, you’re in

Exclusivity Mode: Ah, Love is in the air and an agreement binded by lawyers for both parties have agreed to only see each other. Gifts are given and a daily barrage of compliments are aimed right towards your main vessel; your heart. The train ride is smooth and if all goes well then it looks like the next stop is

Engagementville: The bended knee, the question is popped, you’re so giddy but you stop crying long enough to say Yes Yes. You set a date, make plans, and get lost in each others eyes on a daily basis. Everythings in bloom, you can’t stop smiling and finally the time has come and before you know it, BAM, it’s

MarriageMania: (please insert your own comments here. I’m assuming if you’re commenting you’re no longer married)


_____________________________________ 3

For me it’s when someone has decided to date you and stops going out with other people. If things go well I think you then move on to be bf/gf soon after.


_____________________________________ 4

Just that, a love interest, or someone your interested in, like dating. Does not have to mean sex, but it can.


_____________________________________ 5

Seeing Eachother. This may not need a conversation to back it up. After a while of exclusive dating, its just easier to say “I am seeing him.”… rather than “I am exclusivly dating him.” This may involve sleep-overs, meeting of friends, couple-outings, meeting of family in some cases spare keys…all sorts of other seemingly awkward events to test your (I hate to say it) “relationship-potential”.


________________________________________ Cez’L

I think you are attractive and would like to have relations and/ or a relationship with you. However if there is someone in your life that you are “relationing” or in a relationship with already then we can plan to do it together or let me know my place right now. I mean here is your chance to cheat on the person you are “seeing” so come get some of this over here or let me know you are NOT interested right now so I don’t waste any more time.

Pause For Batman: Gotham City Map

28 Jul

map of Gotham City from Batman The Dark Knight: Rise, TDK map

Yummy Delicious Pics with Words: July Close out

28 Jul

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cyanide and happiness

Yummy Delicious Pics: July 2012 Close Out

28 Jul